Thursday, December 3, 2015

last show of the year.


The Time Machine, Nambour. 101 Currie Street, Nambour. 3pm.

"Battle Of Brisbane is the 3rd album by Kitchen's Floor, and their first full length release in 4 years, following 2011's Look Forward To Nothing (Siltbreeze) and 2009's Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress (R.I.P Society, Bedroom Suck Records).

Recorded by Luke Walsh (Blank Realm) and mastered by Marly Luske (Alchemix studios). "

"The battle, as always, is with the banality of Brisbane as seen through the seemingly myopic eyes of a muse that feeds on wrack and ruin. We come full circle – nothing has changed. But Battle Of Brisbane proves there is no-one as fervently potent in producing personal disenfranchisement and disgust." - Brendan Telford, The Quietus

"‘Resident Dregs’. How do you make a song (lyrically and musically) so angry and so overt and so self-hating and still avoid the cliche? And I feel horribly uncool saying, “Oh yeah, the recording really captures the spirit and essence of everything they’re about” but it’s true! It’s true! I saw the song live and it’s so fucking fierce and unnerving. On the album it sounds so fucking fierce and unnerving." Tiarney Miekus, Collapse Board

"That war he's waging inside his own head, could he actually have won it, just not care any more and just be laughing uproariously at everyone else's human weakness? Whatever the truth, I'm enjoying its strange savagery and, yeah, I think it might sound like...victory." - Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ New Releases Show

Out now on Bruit Direct Disques / HoZac and available in Australia through Eternal Soundcheck.

Monday, October 12, 2015


This Sunday the 18th we have another lazy Sunday show. This time we have THE OCEAN PARTY from Melbourne, PRO VITA from the Coast and DAG from Brisbane. Doors are at 4pm (entrance around the back via Queen Street), BYO for 18+.

Facebook event, share and invite away! -

The Ocean Party (MELB)
"The music is the perfect blend of hazy drive and introspective day dreaming. The flourishes, the small details are on point (horns, they have horns!). The Ocean Party have always excelled in detailing their own brand of contemporary ennui, stuck in the grey doldrums of the life/work cycle, trying to find time for colour and fun whenever they can. I suppose nearest touchstones are Real Estate and the soft guitar rock of Twerps – although, unlike those bands, The Ocean Party cruise at a more erratic speed emotionally. Life is full of highs and lows; no band expresses this better than The Ocean Party."

Pro Vita (COAST)
Local legends make catchy as hell surfy garage pop.

"This aint no craft beer swillin' / boutique venue hoppin' / beard wearin' folk rock. This is plain old downer rock, played with just enough optimism to last 6 songs without veering completely off the road.