Sunday, February 17, 2013


We are pleased to announce that Brisbane psychedelics Dreamtime have chosen The Time Machine for their vinyl launch for their newest album 'Sun'. They'll be playing two shows before jetsetting off to America for Austin Psych Fest where they will be playing alongside Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Deerhunter, Os Mutantes, The Warlocks and buttloads more. We're extremely happy for Zac, Tara and Cat for being included in this amazing festival.

We've known the friendly consciousness-expanding trio for a little while now through friends of friends and art markets/various shows/parties (They also played at the Time Machine's launch last July). We are now proud to announce the:
Friday 5th April with
And one-man electronic genius Teva. 
Come on a cosmic trip with the DreamtimeMachine.

Read a bunch of reviews for 'Sun' here: 

ExtraOrdinary - A collection of photographs by Kim Guthrie

Kim Guthrie came into the store one day and said, "I've got a couple of original Birthday Party "Junkyard" posters that I want to sell, would you be interested?". Silly question, we jumped on the chance obviously, but since then he comes into the store every now and then and tells us about stories from the Australian music scene in the early days and shows us his photographs that hes constantly taking. His photos have recently been included in a Vice article seen here:

Kim recently dropped off a bunch of his photography book entitled, 'Extra Ordinary' which is a collection of portraits and scenes from around QLD. You might see some familiar faces or recognise some places around the Sunshine Coast. You can now buy 'Extra Ordinary' from the Time Machine for $12 each.

See some of Kim's works here:

"I think of my work as impartial critical observation of the world frozen with a camera. I get great personal satisfaction from the interaction photography allows me with total strangers and situations alien to me. Carrying a camera is like owning a magic key that unlocks gates to the inner worlds of people and places.

In this age of limitless hype and phony celebrity I think it's good to remind yourself that you only have to scratch the surface of the image that most people present to the world to discover we are really all one."

-Kim Guthrie 2008

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Time Machine killed Laura Palmer.....

......and now we're selling her stuff. We picked up a bunch of Twin Peaks memorabilia including original magazines, cassettes, VHS's and more. Here's a little sneak peek on some of our horde.


We've got in a heap of posters and framed prints. Some original, mostly repro's. We've been plastering the walls and we're pretty happy with the result.