Friday, March 29, 2013

R.I.P Shane Sullivan, the man behind the machine.

It has been one year since Shane Sullivan, the man behind the Time Machine, sadly passed away. He was a humble, quiet, generous and kind man that left a huge hole in the Nambour community. Without him, there would be no Time Machine. I only knew Shane from being a customer and will always remember his booming voice from behind the haze of cigarette smoke 
"Leave the sticker on the front so you can bring it back if there's anything wrong with it, and don't leave it in the sun or in the back of your car". 
Every single time. Thank you Shane, Rest in Peace. Love goes out to his family and friends.
An insight of the happenings and inner workings of the Time Machine.
Wednesday March 27th, 2013.
Well this year has been quite hectic so far for us at The Time Machine. We've got some great shows coming up which we're pretty excited for. This Sunday, March 31st will be the first one of 2013, with

Housewives (Sydney, 7" launch)
King Tear's Mortuary (Sydney, 7" launch)
Bitter Defeat

 Should be a pretty fun afternoon, no jerk policy!


Then the following week we have the LP launch of Brisbane pysch trio Dreamtime. Zac, Cat and Tara will be launching their new album 'Sun' on vinyl at The Time Machine on Friday the 5th of April. They will have another show at Tym's Guitar's in Brisbone on the Saturday before heading off to Austin Psych Fest. Prepare your senses.

Dreamtime  (Sun LP Launch)

 Pretty happy with the first two shows of the year so far.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lousy Smarch Weather.

An insight of the happenings and inner workings of the Time Machine. 
Tuesday March 5th 2013.
 Click on the photos for larger view
Art instore by friends and locals Rene Weatherby, Patrick Donovan and Adam Lewczuk.

 Merry Smarch everyone, 'orrible weather we're having.
After the mini flooding we experienced last month we have started gutting downstairs. As this happens there might be a few rooms out of commission whilst we work on improving downstairs and we're sorry for the inconvenience. Walls are being ripped down, shoddy roofing is being torn, dead rats are being found and the space downstairs is slowly emerging to what we want it to be. It'll be a bigger, cleaner space with more stuff and less dank. We will be announcing exciting plans for the future but I think we've learnt to keep it to ourselves until we know when it will be ready. Which brings me to our other downstairs project that we've been working on and probably announced way too early...

The Big Bedroom.
'The Big Bedroom' is where we hold our gatherings and gigs and last year housed a bunch of talented independent Australian musicians. Unfortunetly it has been shut off from the public for the past few months due to renovations. The premise for the 'Big Bedroom' was simple and what we thought was something that was missing from the Sunshine Coast. Simply a place for emerging artists, musicians and creatives to showcase their talents in an interesting, friendly space; shying away from the oversaturated 'beach culture' the Coast is swimming in. As the 3 of us all decided we wanted to pursue endeavours in creative industries we knew from the start it had to be one thing: reasonably priced for the starving artists and musicians. It had to be classy without being elitist, affordable without being trashy.

For gigs it was a perfectly reasonable space that just needed a sweep out and a play around with the acoustics and sound, but for an art space it was less than adequate. The 'cage' wall out the back was bent and ugly, the walls were grubby and grey, the floor is cracked and unlevel, the fluoro lights were harsh and unforgiving. Opening an art space suddenly seemed alot harder than we thought and we started to stress. After we got over that we did what we should of done in the first place and started to actually plan and organise. We are extremely appreciative for your patience, especially to the artists who have been waiting to exhibit.

The cage out the back has now been replaced with wooden barn doors, the walls have been painted a fresh coat of white, the fluoros have been replaced with softer, nicer looking lights (see above left). All that's left is to grind down the floor and spit polish to shine. So it's still not ready for any exhibitions but at least you know we haven't given up on the idea.



Blank Canvas is an Independant Australian based Arts Magazine and Issue #3 features none other than our fellow Time Machiner Barton Worthington. The new issue is available at The Time Machine and comes with a free poster of cover artist Ben Brown's homage to Nirvana. We've got a small section that is growing devoted to self-publications, zines and art books. We've got a few zines including Nancy and Slubberdegullion from Brisbane, Clouded Thoughts (Graffiti/street art) and a heap of others! If you got a zine or comic, please get in contact as we'd love to help out.

First Show o' The Month.
Our first show of the year is shaping to be a big one. 

Housewives (SYD)
King Tears Mortuary (SYD)
Bitter Defeat (BRIS) 
Scissor (SC).


March's Employee of the Month.

Cheers! Benjamin Paskins 2013.