Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black Christmas.

We've recently got in a bunch of metal shirts and original tour posters in.
T-Shirts include the likes of:
Antiseen - Archgoat - Beherit - Charon - Excruciate - Hobbs Angel of Death - Impaled Nazarene
Impiety - Man is the bastard - Marduk - Napalm Death - Necrotomy - Ocean of Zero
Proclamation - Suffocation - Surrender of divinity  - Terrorizer - Transgressor - Unleashed
From $10 - $25

 Posters include the likes of:
Antiseen - Bad Religion - Carcass - Darkthrone - Earache - In Flames - NOFX - Obituary
Ringworm - Slayer - SNFU - Suffocation - Tankard
From $10 - $30

Altered Beast.

We've just got in a bunch of vintage games for Sega Master System and Megadrive. Prices start from $10 and they are great for a Christmas present or just for pixelated memories.

Some titles include:
Alien 3 - Altered Beast - Another World - Art Alive - Atomic Runner - Bubble Bobble
Chaos Engine - Cool Spot - Cyberball - DJ Boy - Earnest Evans - F22 Interceptor
Faery Tale - Fantasia - Ghost House - Ghouls n Ghosts - Herzog - Judge Dredd - Jungle Book
Jungle Strike - Kid Chameleon - Lemmings - Light Crusader - Mazin Wars - Micro Machines II
Mortal Kombat III - Mr Nutz - PGA Golf - Phantasy Star 4 - Power Rangers - Predator 2
Rescue Mission - Road Rash - Road Rash II - Road Rash III - Road Runner - Sea Quest
Shining Force II - Skeleton Krew - Splatterhouse II - Star Control - Star Wars
Strider - Submarine Attack - Sword of Vermillion - Techno Clash - Terminator
Terminator II - The Haunting - The Ooze - Thunder Blade - Thunderforce II
ToeJam and Earl

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Independance Day.

Our local/independant section is slowly growing which is nice to see. Here's a little list of the releases we've got instore at the moment. We're going to be getting in contact with a few more labels to get it stocked to the brim. Big thanks to Lofly Records, Breakdance the Dawn and of course to the musicians. Support independant artists/businesses, it'll make you feel better about yourself.
 If you want to sell your music out of The Time Machine just drop us a line at

Dreamtime - S/T
Big Strong Brute - S/T
Ghost Notes - By Cover of Night
Gir!s Gir!s Gir!s - S/T
Nova Scotia - S/T
Tiny Spiders - S/T
Mr Maps - Wire Empire
Nikko - Gold and Red (2xLP)
The Scrapes - Kali Yuga Sunrise

Cobwebbs - s/t
Living Eyes - s/t
Mr Maps/Hunz - split
Happy New Year/Nite Fields - split
The Stress of Leisure - Sex Time
The Outlandish Watch - A Pascalle Burton Project

Gunk - s/t e.p
Big Dead - How It Ends, How it Starts
Jake Horsey - Silent Sea
The Kremlings - s/t
The Stress of Leisure - Soft Approach
The Flumes - Swell
Gir!s Gir!s Gir!s

Caterpillar Hood
Various from Breakdance the Dawn

2012 shows.

So The Flumes gig was the last one for this year. I'm sure some might be thinking, what happened with the Big Bedroom gallery? No? Well it's taking alot longer and is a lot harder to do than we originally thought. We will be spending the remainder of the year to focus on this and get it to a level that we're happy with. The end result will be worth it and we will keep you up to date.

We wish a BIG thank you to all the bands/musicians that have played and to all the people that have come and supported. It's been tiring yet fun and in all a great experience. Here's a list of everyone who has played at The Time Machine in the past 7 months. It has gone rediculously quick and we have seen some amazing Australian music ranging from heart-felt solo melodies to brutal sludge. Check 'em out, have a listen and all that.

Big Dead
Motion Picture Actress
Young Wilderness
Nite Fields
The Maryettas
Noel Sregdor
Yachtburner (former Cancer Eyes) (MELB)
Lopaka (MELB)
The Kremlings (GEELONG) 
Kitchen's Floor
The Flumes
Mitch Davis and the Dawn Chorus 
Jake Horsey
Craig Cole
Daniel Pitman
Girls Girls Girls
Hollow Earth
Postmaster's Gambit (MELB)

Thankyou everyone,
Benjamin, Daniel and Barton.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New noise.

A small taste of some new stock we got in this week. New noise/grind/metal section instore. Posters and shirts coming real soon.
Beyond Description - Live in Germany

Suppression - S/T
Nunslaughter/Brody's Militia split
Revive us again - The voices of inspiration of a Machination World
Progress - On the rise again..?
Bastard Noise/Bizarre Uproar
Last Gasp - Happily Ever After
Pisschrist - S/T
Dissober/Downward Spiral split
Hiatus - Way of Doom
In The Spirit of Total Resistance - A benefit for the Mohawk Nation of Kanesatake + booklet
Charred Remains A.K.A Man is the Bastard - Backward Species
Charred Remains A.K.A Man is the Bastard - "Dis-corporation"
Charred Remains A.K.A Man is the Bastard - "Abundance of Guns"
Man is The Bastard - "The Brutality Continues..."
The Gerogerigegege - All you need is audio shock
Pest - Evil Return
Disclose - Apocalypse of Death
Mob 47 - War Victim EP
Namland - The Shame
Confrontation - 1989
Aspirin Feast - Police Beat EP
Embittered - From the outside looking in

Cyness - Our Funeral Oration for the Human Race
Diabolos Rising - 666
Deiphago - Filipino Antichrist
Dropdead - S/T
Man is the Bastard: Bastard Noise - Sources of Power from another world
Man is the Bastard - S/T
Man is the Bastard - Capitalist Casualties
Man is the Bastard/Bleeding Rectum - Split LP
Rectal Anarchy - Merzbow/Gore beyond Necropsy
Order of the Vulture - S/T
Throbbing Gristle - Grief

King Diamond
Aura Noir
Surrender of Divinity
Exhumed and heaps more!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saturday November 10th.

Kitchen's Floor has released a new 7 inch 'Bitter Defeat' and Matt Kennedy will be playing a solo set this Saturday at The Time Machine. Not one to miss!

Words about the record:

"It sounds like its own awkward victory, because it hasn’t capitulated, because these songs are here, and they’re lovely, and Kennedy isn’t rotting in a call centre selling dial-up internet to off-the-radar folk in far-North Queensland. In this way, Kitchen’s Floor is the most spirited and important sadness there is, and these are his best songs yet." - Shaun Prescott, Crawlspace Magazine