Thursday, October 18, 2012

That's Godsploitation! @ ANALOGIC

 A special film screening + narration from 6pm at ANALOGIC. October 27th, 80 Howard St, NAMBOUR.

That’s Godsploitation! A 90 minute compilation curated by Trash Video’s Andrew Leavold delves into the outer fringes of Christian paranoia and propeganda cinema. We shine the torch on Thalidomides for Jesus, Johnny Cash on the long-haired Jesus Freak trail in Israel, the burnt Elephant Man gospel stylings of Merrill Womach, an 80s MTV clip from scary cult The Children Of God, the rapping pirate puppets of Captain Hook (featuring a real-life double amputee “hooking children for Christ”), and the most unnerving evangelists you will ever meet: a farting Robert Tilton, petulant public access TV host and suspected kiddy-fiddler Jonathan Bell (known affectionately as “Screaming Boy”), and former child preacher and later LSD-addled exploitation star Marjoe Gortner who blows the lid on the whole Baptist tent-show caper! Plus tips on avoiding the slippery slope to Hell, and we revisit the Christian gore-fest shock tactics of Estus W. Pirkle and the Ormond Family Organization. 
Sweet dreams, sinners!

Founder and co-owner of Trash Video, Australia’s largest alternative rental store, writer and film critic, TV presenter (Schlock Treatment every Friday at 8.30pm on Brisbane's Channel 31), festival programmer, MC, trivia quizmaster, agnostic evangelist, Masters student at Griffith University, lover, fighter, former masked wrestler "El Stumpo", obsessive archivist touring the country regularly with his compilations of fringe cinema, and occasional guerrilla filmmaker.
He recently followed up his first feature, the $700 fake 60s exploitation mini-epic Lesbo-A-Go-Go (2003), with Bluebirds Of Peace And Destruction (2006), a netherworldly reimagining of the infamous 1989 Brisbane vampire murder.
Leavold's latest feature is a guerrilla documentary shot in Manila - The Search For Weng Weng (2007) is the ultimate history of Filipino B-films, and chronicles Leavold's obsessive quest to find the truth behind the midget James Bond of the Philippines.

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