Thursday, January 31, 2013

Australian artists assisting Australian artists.

Our good friends Dave and Adam have got two amazing magazines called Blank Canvas ( and Clouded Thoughts ( Both promoting and profiling Independant Australian artists in glossy full colour goodness. The next Blank Canvas is in the process of being printed but they need YOUR help. They have launched a Pozible campaign to source some help via crowd-sourcing. If you're into art/illustration/graffiti/tattoos etc you should check em out. If you got some spare $$$ put it towards a worthy cause! Donate whatever you can spare and help Australian creative industries! Barton and I might be in the next one too!

 Follow this link for more information -----

Independant Australian based Arts Magazine founded in 2011. Blank Canvas Magazine profiles artists and their works from a range of genres including but not limited to: design, photography, tattoo, street art, graffiti, custom cultures, comics, illustrative.....the list goes on. Issue #1 was released in September 2011, with Issue #2 due to follow up in March 2012, continuing to release three issues per year thereafter.

We are currently stocked in galleries and newsagents across Australia, USA, UK, Europe and Taiwan.

If you would like to be profiled in our magazine or have advertising or other enquires please email us at

'Australian Graffiti magazine established in 2007. Since its beginning has released 13 issues featuring graffiti art from around Australia and the world. Please email all art submissions and advertising / sales enquiries to'
You can donate whatever you can spare and the money only gets taken out if the campaign reaches it's goal. You will supporting Australian artists and creative industries on The Sunshine Coast. There are also incentive packs that you will receive depending on how much you want to donate. For example donate $13 and you will receive a copy of Clouded Thoughts and a poster. Get involved and help out a worthy cause, especially if you are an emerging artist on The Coast.

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