Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ultra rare Simpsons animation cels in-store now!

We are pretty lucky to have some very special, very rare, Simpsons memorabillia in-store at the moment! All come with Certificates of Authenticity, all from the US of A. I believe they are all sold out from the source but I'll have to double check. A few of them were taken to Conventions around Australia to be signed by Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson herself) which makes these beautiful pieces even rarer (whenever she came to Australia, they were only a certain amount of signatures she was allowed to do) Pretty proud to have these displayed in the shop! Scroll down to see more and for more information:

 "Who Shot Mr Burns?"
 "Twentieth Century Fox proudly presents "Who Shot Mr Burns?", a unique 2 cel edition. Only 200 pieces and 20 artist proofs have been made available in this limited edition release, the first ever to consist of 2 cels. Each hand-painted piece features a fine serigraph background on acid-free paper and is produced in 16 field format. BOTH cels are signed by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening (!). A special Seal of Authenticity is also included"



This unique moment from "The Simpsons Movie" features Homer with his pig singing the Spider-Pig song.



 "Breakfast with The Simpsons"
Limited edition serigraph cel featuring your favourite Simpsons characters having breakfast. Sold out edition.

This one is also signed by Nancy Cartwright with the classic catchphrase, "Eat My Shorts".


SOLD OUT Limited edition animation cel, which was produced nearly 20 years ago to commemorate the 100th episode of this Emmy Award winning series. Bart-O-Lounger is the very first serigraph cel that that Twentieth Century Fox produced of the Simpsons. The artwork is based on the main title's recurring couch gag scene, which is famous for changing with every episode.

This limited edition is comprised of 2500 serigraph cels, each composed in 23 colours.

The cel features a special 100th Episode Seal of Authenticity and is accompanied by the Twentieth Century Fox certificate of authenticity.

This one is also signed by Nancy Cartwright with the catchphrase, "Don't have a cow, man"


 "The Directors Edition II"
This fine art Giclee print depicts the change in character design of The Simpsons by featuring today's familiar family and the original character designs developed for the Tracey Ullman Show. Surrounding the Giclee are hand-drawn original sketches and signatures from 10 influential Directors who have helped the Emmy Award-Winning show become the longest running sitcom in television history.

Directors/artists featured:
-Bob Anderson
-Mike Marcantal
-David Silverman
-Klay Hall
-Wes Archer
-Mark Kirkland
-Nancy Kruse
-Dominic Polcino
-Steven Dean Moore
-Mike B. Anderson


 "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
(still awaiting more information on this one)

Signed by Nancy Cartwright with the classic catchphrase, "Cowabunga!"


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