Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Novenue #1. 30/6/2012

Novenue is the brainchild of Siena Hart and Nicholas Hew, 2 lovely folks from Brisbane who also happen to play in the band 'Melk'. Due to the lack of venues and shows in Brisbane, these guys decided to start organising shows in interesting and unorthodox places. Pretty amazing eh? The first one was at a house party in Albion, Brisbane. Free punch, free entry, $1 beers and a room lined with mattresses. Gentlemen (we were too late to see) Matt Kennedy, Melk, Sewers and Canibal played. Thanks for an awesome night (and for letting me crash on the couch).

 Melk are playing at The Time Machine this Saturday, July 7th with Nikko so come along. Starts at 3:30! (ish).

Matt Kennedy


Sewers. Pretty terrible photos sorry. 


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