Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 shows.

So The Flumes gig was the last one for this year. I'm sure some might be thinking, what happened with the Big Bedroom gallery? No? Well it's taking alot longer and is a lot harder to do than we originally thought. We will be spending the remainder of the year to focus on this and get it to a level that we're happy with. The end result will be worth it and we will keep you up to date.

We wish a BIG thank you to all the bands/musicians that have played and to all the people that have come and supported. It's been tiring yet fun and in all a great experience. Here's a list of everyone who has played at The Time Machine in the past 7 months. It has gone rediculously quick and we have seen some amazing Australian music ranging from heart-felt solo melodies to brutal sludge. Check 'em out, have a listen and all that.

Big Dead
Motion Picture Actress
Young Wilderness
Nite Fields
The Maryettas
Noel Sregdor
Yachtburner (former Cancer Eyes) (MELB)
Lopaka (MELB)
The Kremlings (GEELONG) 
Kitchen's Floor
The Flumes
Mitch Davis and the Dawn Chorus 
Jake Horsey
Craig Cole
Daniel Pitman
Girls Girls Girls
Hollow Earth
Postmaster's Gambit (MELB)

Thankyou everyone,
Benjamin, Daniel and Barton.

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