Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Independance Day.

Our local/independant section is slowly growing which is nice to see. Here's a little list of the releases we've got instore at the moment. We're going to be getting in contact with a few more labels to get it stocked to the brim. Big thanks to Lofly Records, Breakdance the Dawn and of course to the musicians. Support independant artists/businesses, it'll make you feel better about yourself.
 If you want to sell your music out of The Time Machine just drop us a line at info@thetimemachine.com.au

Dreamtime - S/T
Big Strong Brute - S/T
Ghost Notes - By Cover of Night
Gir!s Gir!s Gir!s - S/T
Nova Scotia - S/T
Tiny Spiders - S/T
Mr Maps - Wire Empire
Nikko - Gold and Red (2xLP)
The Scrapes - Kali Yuga Sunrise

Cobwebbs - s/t
Living Eyes - s/t
Mr Maps/Hunz - split
Happy New Year/Nite Fields - split
The Stress of Leisure - Sex Time
The Outlandish Watch - A Pascalle Burton Project

Gunk - s/t e.p
Big Dead - How It Ends, How it Starts
Jake Horsey - Silent Sea
The Kremlings - s/t
The Stress of Leisure - Soft Approach
The Flumes - Swell
Gir!s Gir!s Gir!s

Caterpillar Hood
Various from Breakdance the Dawn

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